What is Anubis ?

Anubis is a programming language designed on the basis of mathematical logic in order to avoid most usual programming errors.

Even if all sorts of errors cannot be avoided by Anubis, so many common errors are detected by the compiler that there is no debugging needed in most cases.

Anubis is a functional language allowing imperative style and object oriented style.

The Anubis compiler, by its extreme requirements, quickly puts the programmer into an advanced state of serenity. The sensation of safety with respect to many types of programing faults makes the programing more agreeable, avoids the stress and eliminates the risk of regression in case the program is reorganized.

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Anubis: Anubis 1.14 release 3
Added by David RENÉ about 1 year ago

Anubis: Redmine de nouveau en ligne
Le site redmine pour le langage Anubis est de nouveau en ligne.
Added by David RENÉ about 1 year ago

Anubis: Beginner's guide in French (1 comment)
Mathieu Bivert has written a nice tutorial (in French) for beginners on its blog.
Added by Cédric RICARD over 8 years ago

Anubis: Anubis released (1 comment)
Improved diagnostic tools
Added by Cédric RICARD almost 9 years ago

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