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Lazy boolean operator |

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From the library source, i guess Bool x & Bool y is lazy whereas Bool x | Bool y is strict.

If confirmed then it means the natural coding of an existencial predicate and the natural coding of a universal predicate differ in efficiency.

It seems to me, as a remote consequence of De Morgan law, Bool & and Bool | should be equally efficient.


#1 Updated by Alain Prouté almost 10 years ago

Actually, none is lazy, i.e. all are strict unfortunately. Something is missing such as either the possibility of putting small functions inline (which would do as if the call was lazy), or introducing macros.

For the time being, inline functions are almost implemented. I need to have a look at this because maybe no so much work is to be done. As for macros, this project is only for the next boostrapped version.

The reason why boolean & is defined in predefined.anubis is just that it is used in the invisible part of predefined.anubis. But it is defined in the same style as boolean | in basis.anbis, i.e. in Anubis, hence has the same behavior.

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closed. motive: inaccurate statement of the problem and solution.

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