Contributing Into Anubis Language

We are actively seeking source code contributions into Anubis Language.

Have a bug that has been irritating you for years? A little feature that you have sorely missed? Well now is the time to act!

To contribute into Anubis you need to accept the Constructive Mathematics Contributor Agreement (CMCA). You keep all your rights to use your contribution yourself, so you can reuse you contribution elsewhere, but you also grant Constructive Mathematics rights to incorporate and use your source code contribution.

We are not opening the gates to unrestricted change here. We have fairly rigorous internal review processes to maintain code quality and to preserve cross-release compatibility. API changes get even more scrutiny. External contributions will be reviewed through the same processes. We do need to be very cautious - millions of developers are depending on Anubis and we take the physician's doctrine of "first, do no harm" very seriously.

Now some good news: several senior engineers from the Anubis team are actively working with potential contributors. They will navigate your changes through the internal review processes. But they need your help in getting the initial high-quality source contributions!

Like most community source projects, this will probably evolve into a pragmatic meritocracy. People who demonstrate competence and successful delivery will be trusted to take on increasingly larger tasks. We ask that new contributors start initially with small "safe" bug fixes, and then progressively work up to riskier fixes and then feature contributions.

What are we looking for? Well, we want more than just a bug report or a rough suggestion. Here's what we are looking for:

  • A clear description of the bug or feature that is being addressed.
  • A complete set of source changes that implement the bugfix or feature. (Preferably relative to a recent Anubis build.)
  • Unit test(s) that confirm the expected behavior.
  • An informal assurance that the code has been compiled and tested and seems to work.

More details on the source contribution process are available here.

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